Sujet : Who is the highest speed rating Pokemon In Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Who is the highest speed rating Pokemon In Pokemon Sword and Shield?

There are many fast Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield, but who is the highest speed among them? PKMBuy thinks is Regileki, let's understand it in detail now. Buy 6IV Shiny Ditto on PKMBuy is safe and fast.

With the release of Pokemon Sword & Shield's The Crown Tundra DLC expansion, Regieleki is one of the latest Pokemon to join the franchise list. It is an Electric-type representative of the Pokemon "Regi" series originally introduced in the 3rd generation of games.

Regieleki is the fastest Pokemon you can fight in Pokemon Sword and Shield, with an amazing speed rating of 200. This is 40 points higher than any other Pokemon in the game. Is it cool? If you want to own one, you can go to the professional website to buy 6IV Shiny Ditto any you want.

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Re : Who is the highest speed rating Pokemon In Pokemon Sword and Shield?

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